Charging batteries for…

(Due to basically just to tired, this post is only in English)

The start of ”press-week” tomorrow!

Press-week is three or four days during spring and fall when the PR agencies representing (among others) beauty, have showings for next seasons newness.

Incidently, today was my first day ”off” (ONLY one meeting, not work-related) in 15 days!

I haven’t even unpacked my bag and all the products I bought in Dublin last week, and my list of to-do’s was pretty long.. long story short, barely got s**t done as my back has been giving me a hard time the past couple of weeks (years, really)

The list of stuff just had to wait as I put my well-being first.

And baring in mind I need energy for three days of ”oooo-ing” and ”aaaah-ing” at all the new products launching I gave myself a days rest!

So, my shopping and my report from Professional beauty in Dublin a week ago will just have to wait!

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