New in my kit from bareMinerals

The GEN NUDE blush has already been a fave for a while, as I have three of the hues in my kit already.

The COMPLEXION RESCUE DEFENSE became a new favorite instantly as it goes on smoothly and gives skin an almost airbrushed look and a perfect base for makeup application.

The new eyeshadow palettes look absolutely gorge and I am sure I will have to add them all to my professional kit after just swatching this one in copper

The new liquid highlighter barepro glow looks amazing, I mean come on? 😍

As you might know, (if not before you know now) I have loved bareMinerals for almost 15 years, and I used to work as the education manager and makeup artist for bareMinerals in Sweden for several years. A job I absolutely loved just as much as I love the brand, but after 5 years I decided to quit and go back to freelancing (now 3 years ago)

That doesn’t mean I stopped loving the brand! I still use something bareMinerals EVERY day, and my freelance kit is full of it. I think what makes me love it so much, perhaps since I am also a skin therapist, is that every product is more than just makeup. Every product has at least one skincare benefit and it really is makeup good for your skin.

You can expect to read more about the brand and reviews of all the above within the neareat feature 😊🥰

Tutorial part 3, smoke & glitter

Don’t know how to do your makeup for tonights New Years festivities?

Here’s the third part of my christmas & new years tutorial in collaboration with Expressen hälsoliv.

Eye makeup goes even more smoky and is topped off with two sizes of glitter.

After adding a black matte eyeshadow to inner and outer corners of eyelid, leaving the centre of lid free to add glitter.

I used two sizes of glitter; The first, in small sparkles to light your lids up like fireworks, is in a warm golden from Anastasia Beverly hills in color star power

To make sure glitter stays in place, you need an adhesive.

This one from Anastasia Beverly hills is easy to use either with the built in brush or by tapping some on your lid with your finger. Most importantly, don’t apply too much, a little goes a long way.

As step 2, I used larger bits of glitter in unsymetrical pieces of gold to create a wide sparkling liner in outer corner of the eye. There’s plenty of different colors and shapes of both shimmer and glitter, this particular one is from my trip to the Professional beauty fair in Dublin a couple of months ago from the brand matte candy.

(Pic is not the best, sorry)

The finished look on my model Anna below.

Lashes are from Depend cosmetics in model Annica.

For full tutorial, follow here;

WELEDA – since 1921

Have you ever heard of the brand WELEDA?

Up until I became a momma (4.5 years ago) I had only just heard of the brand but never tried anything from it. Then I had a friend gift me a baby-product and I think that was the first time I realized I had been missing out on some fabulous products.

The CALENDULA shampoo and body wash for babies has been a favorite to use on my son ever since. It has a really soft and warm scent to it, and apart from Calendula (which is known for its repairing and soothing properties) it also contains almond oil to help prevent dryness.

There are more products in the Calendula series, among others a weather protection cream, that is for delicate skin made to protect skin against harsh weather. Unfortunately, my son doesn’t like this at all as he thinks it stinks.. I on the other hand like that fatty feeling and hearb-like smell so suits me fine.

There are plenty of products for both body and face, and I recently received some cream from the SKIN FOOD range. New addition to the line is the SKIN FOOD light. There is a rich and intensive cream for very dry and rough skin which has been around and popular since 1926(!), and now there is also a lighter version for ”just” dry skin. What I like about them both is that they are made to suit both face and body. I love to use the light version during the day, especially during winter, as my complexion gets so dry it’s hard to make foundation look good. But this cream brings immediate comfort to dry skin. It’s a silky lotion that combines organic sunflower oil with natural extracts of calendula, pansy and chamomile. It provides immediate moisture and also helps to support regeneration of the skins protective barrier, well needed this time of year! I use it on top of my daytime serums as a moisturizer before applying a primer. It absorbs fast and leaves skin feeling soft and with a smooth surface perfect for application of makeup.

The richer version has been an absolute skin-saver for me this season, as my hands tend to get so extremely dry they crack and sometimes even bleed. My profession has me washing and de-sanitizing hands more frequently than normal, combined with always forgetting my gloves thus leaving hands in a poor state. Not always to hot as hands are also in peoples face all the time! I love applying a thick layer of this rich cream on my hands before hitting the sack at night and just letting it work its magic as I sleep.

I am currently also using a 7 day treatment with a smoothing facial oil based on wild rose, but my review of that will come later on in January so stay tuned for more on that 😜

Lippie of the year, daisybeauty awards and jury-work 

So if you follow me on instagram you have probably seen that I´m in the jury for the 2018 Daisy Beauty awards. What I didn´t tell there, is what category I am in the jury for and who th nominees in My category are. So, without further ado, here it is!

My category is best lip-product of 2018, and the nominees are:

Laura Mercier Velour extreme matte lipstick

Giorgio Armani Rouge d´ Armani matte

L´oreal Paris Color riche shine

ArtDeco liquid lip pigments 

Maybelline Color sensational shine compulsion 

I will be testing the products over Xmas and into the new year, and deadline to rank them is in e first half of January. Unfortunately I can’t spill the beans on which order they are to my liking, a I have to wait until after the award night on February 13th. So you have to stay tuned for a while to find out!

I am so honored that I was given the confidence to be in one of the jury-groups and am looking forward to the gala!

More to come in this subject, obv ; )

Soft smoky eye & red lips tutorial

(One of the links to a product contains an adlink, and is marked as such with the link)

So, it’s time to share the first makeup-look I did for Expressen hälsoliv in our guide to simple and classy christmas & new years looks to create yourself. In my previous post you’ll find the guide to the 40’s inspired hair. Below is the guide to a soft, smoky eye with a glowing complexion and red lips.

I’ve highlighted some of my main products used below;

Get that glow to your complexion with the rosé all day serum from. physicians formula

(Picture credit; physiciansformula scandinavia)

For soft smoky eyes, I used light shades from the purcosmetics palette soiree diary that can be purchased here (adlink)

Lashes used are singles from Depend in Annica

Rosy cheeks with blush from Kicks own line of makeup (this was on my top 5 list of September as well, it’s amaze-balls!)

Last, but not least, red red red lips from buxom cosmetics

I used the plumpline lip liner in code red (see below)

and topped it off with red lipstick Big & Sexy Bold gel lipstick in Rogue Red

The buxom line can be found exclusively (in the Nordics) at Kicks

Keep an out, as soon I will post our second makeup look with an even smokier eye topped with glitter 🌟😍

Tutorial, 40’s inspired hair

(This post contains adlinks)

So a couple of weeks ago I did a fun job together with a branch of Expressen (swedish media) called hälsoliv (lifestyle, beauty, trends, tips and much more)

And just now, the first tutorial went live 😍

(Before&after below)

Excited to hear what you think so feel free to comment😊

To create this look I used the following tools & products;

Tool from Ghd

Heat protection from BjörnAxen

Structure spray/teasing spray BjörnAxen

Lock/hold spray Redken

Here is the tutorial;


(This post contains an adlink)

Have you ever heard of or tried any products from physicians formula?

I hadn’t, but I recently had the opportunity to try a couple of products and I’ve found myself a new favorite bronzer. It has the funniest name. It’s called murumuru butter butter bronzer.

Below is the information and description of the product from the brands HomePage;

    What It Is:

    Ultra-luxurious bronzer, infused with Murumuru Butter, delivers a radiant Brazilian goddess glow! Incredibly creamy and soft texture combines the best features of a powder and cream bronzer, to deliver a lit-from-within tropical glow unlike any other.

    Why It’s Good For You:

    Packed with essential fatty acids and pro-vitamins that soften, condition and moisturize skin, leaving it silky soft. Ultra-rich bronzer formula instantly melts into skin, sealing-in moisture to deliver instant and lasting hydration. Features ultra-refined pearl and soft-focus pigments that smooth skin texture, brighten skin tone and deliver a gorgeous bronze finish.

    Key Ingredients:

    Infused with a powerful blend of Murumuru Butter, Cupuacu Butter and Tucuma Butter, from the lush and nutrient-rich Amazon.

Apart from the funny name and the cute packaging, I have to take a moment to talk about the scent. Aaah, yes! It has a scent! And let me tell you, it’s the scent of sun-drenched white beaches where the coconut-venders serve you fresh coconut-cocktails with a hint of chocolate and it makes me want to lick my own face. It’s how I imagine paradise smells. It’s the fabulous smell of dreams, sunshine, glowing bronzed complexions and hot hot hotness. I mean, holy macarony!

The cost of paradise beaches and sunkissed skin, is around 189SEK and you can get it a.s.a.p right here (adlink)

Redefine time – reserol

(This post contains an adlink)

RESEROL is produced with the vision to improve peoples health and beauty, for real. Through the combination of innovative technology and the latest in science, they have created products with the purpose to revolutionize the way we can affect beauty and health. To maximize the result, their products target skin in two ways; from within and from the outside.

The key igredient in RESEROL is the powerful antioxidant resveratrol, mainly known as natures own anti-aging molecule. It is a plant- polyfenol, naturally occuuring in nature, that works as a potent defense against everything such as UV-rays, heat and cold, bacterial- and viral infections. RESEROL have found a way to combine resveratrol with an innovative film, Functional film technology, that allows body to absorb resveratrol through oral mucosa. Resveratrol is transported into your body where it can activate your cells and allow beauty from within, for real.

There are four products to date, and you will be able to read more about them here shortly, as I am currently trying out three out of four.

So first out, the RESEROL redefine time RETREAT SHEET MASK

A bio-cellulose sheet mask that provides deep hydration through a replenishing complex.

The mask is soaked in serum of hyaluronic acid, botanical extracts and anti-oxidants for a smoother and more radiant skin. The sheet is made of ultra-fine fibers of cellulose for a second skin feeling.

Benefits of main ingredients;


Hyaluronic acid, a bodily substance with a high capacity to bind water. It acts as an invisible barrier and can bind up to 1000 times its own weight in water. HA therefore plays an important role in keeping the skin’s moisture level in balance, thus maintaining a rich, smooth and healthy skin.
Resistress, an extract made from Sophora Japonica Flowers and enriched with the plant polynucleol Quercetin. In vitro studies have shown that Resistress activates the skin’s own defense against oxidative stress by increasing both epidermal and dermal resistance. It also stimulates a faster regeneration of the cells in the epidermis.
Glycerin, naturally occurring in the skin, has softening and strengthening properties. The formulation has a soothing, protective and moisturizing effect on stressed skin.
So what did I think?
Well, it’s no big secret that I love sheet masks and I’m quite picky when it comes to how it fits, stays on and the effect and feel it has to my skin. Thus, making it to the list of sheet masks I will re-purchase is not that simple. It takes a LOT to wow me with a sheet mask, but this is a real big wow for me!
The mask felt nice and cool on my skin while on, it had just the right amount of serum (I hate to have serum dripping down my throat). The bio-cellulose sheet was easy to fit on and it stayed in place the entire 15mins. After removal, my skin felt smooth, drenched with moisture and had an amazing glow to it. I did the mask in the evening after removing my makeup, and I didn’t need to apply any moisturizer ontop. All I did was massage the rest of the serum onto my skin. This morning my skin felt really nice and soft when I woke, and it looked really smooth.
So would I recommend it? Yes!
Will I buy it? (This was a PR-sample) Yes!
The mask is sold in a pack of four, and costs 695SEK. To buy the mask or to read more about the brand, head on over here (adlink)