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RESEROL is produced with the vision to improve peoples health and beauty, for real. Through the combination of innovative technology and the latest in science, they have created products with the purpose to revolutionize the way we can affect beauty and health. To maximize the result, their products target skin in two ways; from within and from the outside.

The key igredient in RESEROL is the powerful antioxidant resveratrol, mainly known as natures own anti-aging molecule. It is a plant- polyfenol, naturally occuuring in nature, that works as a potent defense against everything such as UV-rays, heat and cold, bacterial- and viral infections. RESEROL have found a way to combine resveratrol with an innovative film, Functional film technology, that allows body to absorb resveratrol through oral mucosa. Resveratrol is transported into your body where it can activate your cells and allow beauty from within, for real.

There are four products to date, and you will be able to read more about them here shortly, as I am currently trying out three out of four.

So first out, the RESEROL redefine time RETREAT SHEET MASK

A bio-cellulose sheet mask that provides deep hydration through a replenishing complex.

The mask is soaked in serum of hyaluronic acid, botanical extracts and anti-oxidants for a smoother and more radiant skin. The sheet is made of ultra-fine fibers of cellulose for a second skin feeling.

Benefits of main ingredients;


Hyaluronic acid, a bodily substance with a high capacity to bind water. It acts as an invisible barrier and can bind up to 1000 times its own weight in water. HA therefore plays an important role in keeping the skin’s moisture level in balance, thus maintaining a rich, smooth and healthy skin.
Resistress, an extract made from Sophora Japonica Flowers and enriched with the plant polynucleol Quercetin. In vitro studies have shown that Resistress activates the skin’s own defense against oxidative stress by increasing both epidermal and dermal resistance. It also stimulates a faster regeneration of the cells in the epidermis.
Glycerin, naturally occurring in the skin, has softening and strengthening properties. The formulation has a soothing, protective and moisturizing effect on stressed skin.
So what did I think?
Well, it’s no big secret that I love sheet masks and I’m quite picky when it comes to how it fits, stays on and the effect and feel it has to my skin. Thus, making it to the list of sheet masks I will re-purchase is not that simple. It takes a LOT to wow me with a sheet mask, but this is a real big wow for me!
The mask felt nice and cool on my skin while on, it had just the right amount of serum (I hate to have serum dripping down my throat). The bio-cellulose sheet was easy to fit on and it stayed in place the entire 15mins. After removal, my skin felt smooth, drenched with moisture and had an amazing glow to it. I did the mask in the evening after removing my makeup, and I didn’t need to apply any moisturizer ontop. All I did was massage the rest of the serum onto my skin. This morning my skin felt really nice and soft when I woke, and it looked really smooth.
So would I recommend it? Yes!
Will I buy it? (This was a PR-sample) Yes!
The mask is sold in a pack of four, and costs 695SEK. To buy the mask or to read more about the brand, head on over here (adlink)

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