Happy birthday Depend mini-nailpolish

Whoop whoop! Depend mini-polish is turning 25 this year and the limited edition to celebrate the birthday is just to cute!

The shoot for this took place in June last year and it was such a fun day at work, as always with Depend.

Born and raised in Halmstad, the small-city nailpolish is now a globetrotter that travels all over the world to Europe, Asia, Africa

Each year 5 million bottles leave the factory in Halmstad and end up in over 50 countries! The hues and collections are constantly renewed to be u to date with current trends for each season. And considering the cost of one bottle, one can afford to have a color for each outfit 🙂

The Birthday collection has cool, soft pastels as its base, combined with glittery hues 12 different hues in total) for that bling.

And as if that wasn’t enough, there are 12 more colors, with 6 without shimmer and 6 in the same color-scale for an extra highlighted effect.

The mini-bottle has changed the way it looks through out the years, from a round and short bottle, to a square and slim one. Perhaps it’s like growing up from a chubby little baby to a tall young woman?

This collection will be well-used this spring, as there are so many cute combinations to give a go. Plus, every hue in this collection puts a smile on my face 😍

Full team;

Hair by me

Makeup by Linda Fernström

Photographer Peter Edqvist

Idea and styling by Beatrice Gull

Model Myrtille Revemont

Naildesign Petra Nilsson

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