Amelie Soie – beauty essentials and tools

Amelie Soie, the story Amelie Soie – Beauty Essentials is developed by authorized skin therapists to simplify your beauty routine so you can become the best version of yourself. Amelie Soie stands for carefully selected materials, high quality and solid knowledge. After many years as authorized skin therapists, we know how important the daily beauty… Fortsätt läsa Amelie Soie – beauty essentials and tools

bareMinerals barePRO longwear lipstick

As you know, I love pretty much everything from bareMinerals. I am excited anytime they launch anything new and am always excited to try the newness. Latest product is the barePRO longwear lipstick that I had a first peek at at the DAISY BEAUTY expo earlier this year. The first long-wear, vegan lipstick, rich in… Fortsätt läsa bareMinerals barePRO longwear lipstick

the BUDGIE collective

”Budgie is a collective for hair, style and individuality. We care for brunette, blonde, curly, straight, short, long, dry, dull and frizzy hair and are excited to create innovative, smart and fun things together with you. Come join our hairstyling universe and let´s make budgies!” Why Budgie? Budgies come in so many alterations. They come… Fortsätt läsa the BUDGIE collective

Taking a winner to bed

One of the winners at the Daisy Beauty awards for the best products of 2018 was the overnight moisture mask from Reserol that won in the category best mask of the year. I have tried it a couple of nights before, and after feeling kind of tired (hungover?) post-gala I decided to take a winner… Fortsätt läsa Taking a winner to bed

DAISY BEAUTY AWARDS – and the winners are

Last night was was the gala-night for the best beauty products of 2018 according to the jury of the 2018 DAISY BEAUTY AWARDS. As I´ve mentioned before, I was in one of the jury groups this year for best lip-product. ??? My night started with a pre-drink with some friends and was absolutely fabulous from… Fortsätt läsa DAISY BEAUTY AWARDS – and the winners are

Skin plumping hyaluronic acid hydrogel sheet mask

So as you´ve probably learnt about me by now, I have an absolute hang up on sheet masks. I use them on myself and I use them in my profession. I love finding new ones I like, and this will be one of those. Todays review is about the skin plumping hyaluronic acid hydrogel sheet… Fortsätt läsa Skin plumping hyaluronic acid hydrogel sheet mask

Zoeva eyeshadow palette

So I’ve been wanting to get some new eyeshadow palettes from Zoeva. I haven’t used them before as I have so many favorites already from other brands and I figured I would just stick to them. Why risk buying something that might not add up, and also maybe use up what I have? Then I… Fortsätt läsa Zoeva eyeshadow palette