Zoeva eyeshadow palette

So I’ve been wanting to get some new eyeshadow palettes from Zoeva. I haven’t used them before as I have so many favorites already from other brands and I figured I would just stick to them. Why risk buying something that might not add up, and also maybe use up what I have?

Then I happened to find the below palettes while at Sephora (the smaller one was even on sale) and I thought what the heck.

I’m so happy I bought them! The pigments are fab. Easy to use, highly pigmented and no fall out. (Granted I have only worked with it on 4 faces but I am left wanting more)

In Sweden ZOEVA is sold at SEPHORA. The large palettes (15shades) are 385SEK and the smaller ones (10shades) are 255. If you live in Sweden and want to take a closer look at the ZOEVA assortment you can go here

I will most definately be adding some more palettes from Zoeva to my kit! I think the next palette will be a blush-quad.

Have you tried anything from ZOEVA? Do you have any favorites?

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