7 shades of nude – DEPEND

Like a soft whisper or a stream of glowing morning light.

NUDE is always right, naturally fresh and elegant. And once you’ve found your favorite hue we guarantee it will be your best friend. Keep it simple!”

7 shades of NUDES in the NUDE it is! limited edition from DEPEND. From beige to beige, pink to pink. Hues close in their color-scheme in a palette of soft and MATTE nailpolishes. Matched with a topcoat that is also matte and that can be used on any of your favorite colors to give a matte finish.

Below manicure in no 5087 & 5089

The NUDE collection is one of the celebratory limited editions in celebration of the 25th Birthday of DEPEND’s mini-nailpolish. In store starting next week 💅

Pro-tip; use the matte topcoat on just parts of your nails to give an effectful detail to your manicure.

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