A penny for my thoughts and I think, back to Swedish

After close consideration and also checking my stats, I have decided to go back to writing mainly in Swedish for a while. Here’s the thing, my statistics are pretty much 50/50 (Sweden compared to other countries) but the work I need to put in is greater while writing in English. The press-information and product-descriptions of PR-samples I recieve are mainly in Swedish, which means even though I have no trouble typing in English, I still need to translate it first or Google my way through every post looking for product information in English. I also link to Swedish sites, and the work I do with i.e. SKÖNHETSAKUTEN and my new projects are all in Swedish.

Therefor, it makes more sence for me to write in Swedish if I am going to continue doing this. Which, for now at least. I would like to do. Thus, this will be my last all English post, and the posts following this one will be in Swedish.

Just a little FYI 😉

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