Beauty fair and shopping-spree in Düsseldorf

What a fabulous weekend! Although I am sooooo tired after having to get up for work this morning at 2.45.. and that’s after getting home around ten last night. Took a while to wind down and fall into Zzz.

Cutting to the chase, I spent a fab couple of days with my friend Jennie in Düsseldorf to attend the beauty messe Düsseldorf which is a three day fair only for people in the biz. First off, it was freaking HUGE. Like I think we spent a full day there but still didn’t see everything, huge. Kind of overwhelming and difficult to take it all in. I’m positive I will go back again and that time I will probably spend two days at the fair to give myself the opportunity to absorbe all the information shared better.

There were halls so large one could barely figure out which way one entered. Anything and everything imaginable from makeup, applicators, nailpolish, foot-products, electrical devices for muscle stimulation, for tightening, for brightening, for plumping, toning, slimming, tanning – to scissors, massage-devices, tooth whitening, bags and trollets for pro’s, accessories, hair (as in for extensions), waxing, trimming, IPL, infra-red, glitters, lashes and so much more. I mean, Jeez-Louise, it was freaking GRANDE!

I’m positively surprised by the fair, even if didn’t buy quite as much makeup there as I was hoping. I ended up buying a lot of skincare ampulles, restocking on products for lash-lifting, disposable mascara-wands, disposable lip-applicators, new haircutting-scissors, an additional bag from Züca for my hairstyling tools and all stuff hair. Additional pouches for storing makeup in my kit, colorful scrunchies, hairbands, foot and hand masks, under eye masks and makeup remover wipes for hydration and for glow. Makeup brushes and makeup sponges.

Ok, I see now I did get a lot of stuff after all 😂

Apart from the fair, I have to say I really liked Düsseldorf! Frankly we had no expectations, but it turned out to be such a nice city!

Everything in walking distance, friendly people and a warm atmosphere. Gorgeous walks along the river and good food.

I’m so glad we went, and I’m already looking forward to going again next year!

Two days of work with my favorite team

If you followed me on my old blog (it’s deleted now as I wanted a fully fresh start here) you might have seen I work together with DEPEND and style hair on their photoshoots. I did my first job for them in November 2017, and since then, I am so honored to be a part of this incredible team. The team in its whole, with PR-manager Beatrice Gull in the lead of everything, is one of the best teams I have ever worked with and for. I LOVE working with them, and especially since I love their products so much!

The lashes from DEPEND are my favorite lashes. It’s the only brand of lashes I use actually. They come in so many variations, they are easy to apply and the little tube of glue that is included in each pack of lashes can be used several times as the little top can be put back on.

The ”strip” you glue the lashes on with, is soft and easy to work with. They stay in place and they can be used up to ten times. That’s crazy good value as well, considering the price of around 69SEK per set of lashes.

Below are a couple of behind the scenes photos from our two-day session we just did, and I look forward to seeing the end result later on. All makeup is by Linda Fernström, and hair by me.

Which is your favorite?

Kicks flagship store

Whoop whoop!

KICKS is one of the largest store-branches we have in Sweden when it comes to beauty. They have stores in pretty much every corner of our country.

And today they are opening their new flagship store located in central Stockholm with 3 floors of beauty! Last night there was a pre-party for people in the industry. Bloggers, journalists, makeup artists, hairstylists and influencers all met up for the party. Tove Styrke played, glasses were full and each and every brand had at least one representative there to demonstrate their products.

The new flagship store is 1500 square-meters big and has about 70 specialists employed. There are hairdressers, nail-bars, makeup services, skintherapists with treatment rooms and it’s absolutely gorgeous. The concept is out of this world and the store is smashingly fab! Do go if you are around 💄💅🙌 They have 20% off this whole weekend 😍

I only stayed for about an hour and a half, as I’m working two jobs today and have a long day.

Will update tonight with a pic of the goodie-bag of products I got with me home to try out.

Thank you Kicks and Patriksson communication for an awesome party and congratulagions to the new store! ❤️

Happy birthday Depend mini-nailpolish

Whoop whoop! Depend mini-polish is turning 25 this year and the limited edition to celebrate the birthday is just to cute!

The shoot for this took place in June last year and it was such a fun day at work, as always with Depend.

Born and raised in Halmstad, the small-city nailpolish is now a globetrotter that travels all over the world to Europe, Asia, Africa

Each year 5 million bottles leave the factory in Halmstad and end up in over 50 countries! The hues and collections are constantly renewed to be u to date with current trends for each season. And considering the cost of one bottle, one can afford to have a color for each outfit 🙂

The Birthday collection has cool, soft pastels as its base, combined with glittery hues 12 different hues in total) for that bling.

And as if that wasn’t enough, there are 12 more colors, with 6 without shimmer and 6 in the same color-scale for an extra highlighted effect.

The mini-bottle has changed the way it looks through out the years, from a round and short bottle, to a square and slim one. Perhaps it’s like growing up from a chubby little baby to a tall young woman?

This collection will be well-used this spring, as there are so many cute combinations to give a go. Plus, every hue in this collection puts a smile on my face 😍

Full team;

Hair by me

Makeup by Linda Fernström

Photographer Peter Edqvist

Idea and styling by Beatrice Gull

Model Myrtille Revemont

Naildesign Petra Nilsson

Tutorial part 3, smoke & glitter

Don’t know how to do your makeup for tonights New Years festivities?

Here’s the third part of my christmas & new years tutorial in collaboration with Expressen hälsoliv.

Eye makeup goes even more smoky and is topped off with two sizes of glitter.

After adding a black matte eyeshadow to inner and outer corners of eyelid, leaving the centre of lid free to add glitter.

I used two sizes of glitter; The first, in small sparkles to light your lids up like fireworks, is in a warm golden from Anastasia Beverly hills in color star power

To make sure glitter stays in place, you need an adhesive.

This one from Anastasia Beverly hills is easy to use either with the built in brush or by tapping some on your lid with your finger. Most importantly, don’t apply too much, a little goes a long way.

As step 2, I used larger bits of glitter in unsymetrical pieces of gold to create a wide sparkling liner in outer corner of the eye. There’s plenty of different colors and shapes of both shimmer and glitter, this particular one is from my trip to the Professional beauty fair in Dublin a couple of months ago from the brand matte candy.

(Pic is not the best, sorry)

The finished look on my model Anna below.

Lashes are from Depend cosmetics in model Annica.

For full tutorial, follow here;

Lippie of the year, daisybeauty awards and jury-work 

So if you follow me on instagram you have probably seen that I´m in the jury for the 2018 Daisy Beauty awards. What I didn´t tell there, is what category I am in the jury for and who th nominees in My category are. So, without further ado, here it is!

My category is best lip-product of 2018, and the nominees are:

Laura Mercier Velour extreme matte lipstick

Giorgio Armani Rouge d´ Armani matte

L´oreal Paris Color riche shine

ArtDeco liquid lip pigments 

Maybelline Color sensational shine compulsion 

I will be testing the products over Xmas and into the new year, and deadline to rank them is in e first half of January. Unfortunately I can’t spill the beans on which order they are to my liking, a I have to wait until after the award night on February 13th. So you have to stay tuned for a while to find out!

I am so honored that I was given the confidence to be in one of the jury-groups and am looking forward to the gala!

More to come in this subject, obv ; )

Soft smoky eye & red lips tutorial

(One of the links to a product contains an adlink, and is marked as such with the link)

So, it’s time to share the first makeup-look I did for Expressen hälsoliv in our guide to simple and classy christmas & new years looks to create yourself. In my previous post you’ll find the guide to the 40’s inspired hair. Below is the guide to a soft, smoky eye with a glowing complexion and red lips.

I’ve highlighted some of my main products used below;

Get that glow to your complexion with the rosé all day serum from. physicians formula

(Picture credit; physiciansformula scandinavia)

For soft smoky eyes, I used light shades from the purcosmetics palette soiree diary that can be purchased here (adlink)

Lashes used are singles from Depend in Annica

Rosy cheeks with blush from Kicks own line of makeup (this was on my top 5 list of September as well, it’s amaze-balls!)

Last, but not least, red red red lips from buxom cosmetics

I used the plumpline lip liner in code red (see below)

and topped it off with red lipstick Big & Sexy Bold gel lipstick in Rogue Red

The buxom line can be found exclusively (in the Nordics) at Kicks

Keep an out, as soon I will post our second makeup look with an even smokier eye topped with glitter 🌟😍

Tutorial, 40’s inspired hair

(This post contains adlinks)

So a couple of weeks ago I did a fun job together with a branch of Expressen (swedish media) called hälsoliv (lifestyle, beauty, trends, tips and much more)

And just now, the first tutorial went live 😍

(Before&after below)

Excited to hear what you think so feel free to comment😊

To create this look I used the following tools & products;

Tool from Ghd

Heat protection from BjörnAxen

Structure spray/teasing spray BjörnAxen

Lock/hold spray Redken

Here is the tutorial;

Work work

Längesedan jag var så peppad på en måndag med jobb som jag var igår! Som ni vet jobbar jag en hel del med Depend som jag älskar (produkter och team, bästa kombon) och senast i fredags hade vi en kul dag med plåtning tillsammans med Ellinor Bjurström. (Läs om det här)

I dagarna två har det återigen varit jobb med Depend på schemat, i hela två dagar inklusive övernattning! Yup, för vi har nämligen varit på STEAM hotel i Västerås och plåtat med Alexandra Nilsson aka Kissie

Galet kul måndag eftermiddag med 3 looker och sedan middag på 18e våningen. 6 rätter följt av matkoma så jag och min rumskompis aka bästa Linda Fernström gick till rummet och la oss vid 22 redan, medan de andra gick upp till spa’t.

Imorse möttes vi till frukost följt av en sista look. De helt färdiga resultaten kommer längre fram, men som vanligt bjuder jag på en liten sneak peek 😜

It’s been a while since I was so stoked about work on a Monday as I was yesterday. As you might know by now, I work a whole lot with Depend that I love (products and team, best combination) and we did a shoot this past Friday with former Top Model attendee Ellinor Bjurström. (Read about that here)

Yesterday and today it was time for another shoot with Depend, two whole days including a sleepover at STEAM hotel in Västerås shooting with Alexandra Nilsson a.k.a Kissie

Crazy fun Monday afternoon with 3 looks followed by late dinner on the 18th floor. 6 courses followed by food-coma so me and my roomie a.k.a Linda Fernström went back to our room to hit the sack at 10pm while the rest of the team went up to the spa.

This morning we met up for breakfast followed by a last look. The finished results from the shoot will be ready later on, but as usual I will share a little sneak peek 😜

Tack bästa teamet och Alexandra för två roliga dagar tillsammans ❤️

Thank you to the best team and Alexandra for two fun days together ❤️