Efter ledigt kommer…

…fler roliga jobb!

Jag är så ofantligt tacksam att jag har ynnesten att arbeta med något jag faktiskt älskar! Jag är stolt över mig själv för att jag följde min dröm och jag är lycklig över att kunna fortsätta utmanas och utvecklas i mitt jobb, och att fortsatt brinna för det jag gör och att kunna livnära mig på det jag vill .

En av de saker jag älskar med mitt jobb är att ingen dag är den andra lik. Jag gör så många olika typer av uppdrag att slentrian och rutin liksom inte finns. För en del i min omgivning låter det skrämmande, men för mig där jag är i mitt liv just nu passar det perfekt.

Jag har lyxen att styra min tid och att till exempel kunna ha en ledig dag mitt i veckan. Visst, sen innebär mitt jobb att jag ibland även jobbar på helger men då är det för att jag själv valt att tacka ja och inte för att någon beordrat helgarbete.

I dagarna två har jag haft inspelning med expressen hälsas satsning SKÖNHETSAKUTEN, där jag är ”programledare” och vi gör små instruktionsfilmer. I några visar jag på mig själv, i andra har jag en modell jag visar på. Vi spelade in flera filmer nu, och när de är färdigklippta och släpps så kommer jag länka här. Ett exempel på hur filmerna kan se ut kan du se i pilotavsnittet här

Imorgon har jag kontorsdag och ska hinna ikapp med kvitton och fakturor, och förbereda mig inför nytt återkommande jobb som jag smygstartar med på torsdag och kör igång mer ordentligt med nästa vecka. Men mer om det kommer då 😉

Giving, and recieving thousandfold in return

In an industry that might seem extremely shallow and superficial at first glance, I would like to adress some more depth.

So I’ve been in the industry of beauty for 18 years. That’s almost half my life. I’m not going to bore you with details of my different roles in the industry as I think that is beside the point. What I would like to show you, is that even though the common perception of working with beauty is that it is a business of superficiality, I am of the direct opposite opinion. Sure, there is that side to the coin, but that’s not why I’m in the beauty industry.

You see, I am a true believer of the saying that beauty lies in the eye of the holder. And feeling beautiful has the power to bring out the best of you. I don’t believe in transforming ones features or looks to look like someone else – I believe in bringing out the best you possible, with some simple tricks of my trade.

I get that this all still sounds fuzzy, but bare with me. I would like to talk about how looking good can make you feel better.

Sound foolish? Well I assure you it is not. See those four words, form the name of an organisation that lies very close to my heart; LOOK GOOD – FEEL BETTER.

Founded in the US kind of by fluke.

Its story began with one patient.

In 1987, a physician asked former Personal Care Products Council President Ed Kavanaugh how he could organize a “makeover” for a woman in cancer treatment who was experiencing dramatic appearance side effects. The woman was so depressed and self-conscious she would not venture outside her hospital room. Kavanaugh made some calls and was able to provide cosmetics and a cosmetologist – and the makeover transformed not only the woman’s look, but also her outlook. She felt happier, less burdened and laughed for the first time in weeks.

With such a profound result, the Personal Care Products Council recognized the opportunity for its industry to help more women maintain their confidence and self-esteem. Kavanaugh presented the idea to the Personal Care Products Council membership – the nation’s cosmetic industry leaders – who immediately offered funding and cosmetics. Finally, the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) signed on as the third collaborator, encouraging its member cosmetologists to volunteer their services. The program – dubbed Look Good Feel Better – launched with two groups workshops at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York and Georgetown University’s Lombardi Cancer Center in Washington, D.C., in 1989.

The program has been available in Sweden since 2003. (Behind the program in Sweden is KoHF, the Cosmetics and Hygiene companies and leading cosmetics company.) Available at 20 hospitals and with 150 volunteers, Look Good-Feel Better can offer women, who are being treated for cancer, free skin care and makeup courses. Makeup consultants provide professional advice and help prevent or eliminate appearance-related problems that may arise during the treatment of cancer.
I’m going to put that text in bold for you, read it again; help prevent or eliminate appearance-related problems
This applies, not only to women mid-treatment with issues like hairloss etc, it applies to each and every one of us. I mean think about it, it’s simple psychology; when you like your reflection your confidence boosts.
You see, THAT is the power of makeup. THAT is the power of working in my industry. Those moments are the ones that count. I have never felt such Pride in painting the face of a celebrity, as I have felt by bringing a smile to a womans reflection of herself in the mirror – simply by looking like herself.
It’s not always the jobs that pay your bills that are the most rewarding. Sometimes, it’s just giving your knowledge and making a fellow human feel confident in what she sees when she looks at herself. By helping her look good, you help her feel better. That gives a thousandfold more than money can ever buy ❤️

If you are in the industry in Sweden and would like to learn more about volunteering, please go to this page and sign up. We are in need of more volunteers!

Thank you💕

Charging batteries for…

(Due to basically just to tired, this post is only in English)

The start of ”press-week” tomorrow!

Press-week is three or four days during spring and fall when the PR agencies representing (among others) beauty, have showings for next seasons newness.

Incidently, today was my first day ”off” (ONLY one meeting, not work-related) in 15 days!

I haven’t even unpacked my bag and all the products I bought in Dublin last week, and my list of to-do’s was pretty long.. long story short, barely got s**t done as my back has been giving me a hard time the past couple of weeks (years, really)

The list of stuff just had to wait as I put my well-being first.

And baring in mind I need energy for three days of ”oooo-ing” and ”aaaah-ing” at all the new products launching I gave myself a days rest!

So, my shopping and my report from Professional beauty in Dublin a week ago will just have to wait!