Three, is the magic number – ANNEMARIE BORLIND

Anyone that knows anything about me, knows that I love serums! When it comes to my skincare-routine, there is always more than one serum involved both AM and PM.

I know, I know, I always say don’t go crazy and keep it to layering no more then three at at time. And then sometimes me myself I also go a little cray cray and slap them drops on i 10 layers.

And there are SO many good serums out there, I mean how is one to decide? Well, it isn’t always easy and frankly the only way to find a serum that suits you and your skin is basically to try it. But to really make a noticeable difference, you should give skin at least 3-4 weeks before you might see any real results. Granted, in some cases you might feel and see the difference sooner while in others it might take longer. All depending of course on what your expectations are, what you are after at what condition your skin is to start with. You need to be patient and have realistic expectations. I think that is when skincare can really WOW you

As a lover of serums (among the twenty five billion other things I love about skincare) I am always curious to try new brands and up next will be the Swedish brand ANNMARIE BORLIND.


The brands philosophy is to make an exclusive, effective and healthy line of products based on natures finest ingredients. With beauty, environment and health in close co-operation.

Cold pressed vegetable oils, ecological extracts from herbs,clean thermal-water from their own source and soft, pleasant natural scents are the foundation of each product. Ingredients that have proven results and that support skins own natural functions.

Free from silicones, mineral oils and gene-manipulation. Not tested on animals. Renewable raw materials and packaging.

Multiple award-winners for their skincare concept and certified by ECO-control and CSE, the sustainability standard for environmental friendly companies.


There are three different serums also known as ”shakes”, due to their 2-phase nature. One part oil, one part water the serums need to be shaken before use.

All three of the ”shakes” are suitable for all ages and types of skin, but each one stands out in its own way. Let me break them down;


The HYALURON SHAKE is a moisturizing, skin-softening and regenerating facial oil in two phases. The oilphase with jojoba, coconut and soy-oil is easily absorbed and leaves skin soft and smooth.

The water-soluble phase contains extracts such as red algae that stimulates skins own production of hyaluronic acid. Together with botanical hyaluronic acid from chinese snow fungus (aka white jelly mushroom – Tremella fuciformis), Aloe Vera and thermal water from their own source. The combination of these ingredients make the HYALURONIC SHAKE intensely moisturizing.

This serum is suitable for all ages and skintypes, but is especially good for dehydrated skin.

To be used under day and/or night cream or alone after cleanser and toner. One of the benefits of the serum being a two-phase product is that no emulsifiers are needed. The soft scent is all natural and its color is from Malachite.


ROSE BLOSSOM VITAL CARE is a facial oil with a vitalizing, moisturizing and calming concentrate that protects skin from pre-mature aging caused by environmental factors. Stem-cells from the Schwarzwald rose counteracts the breakdown of skin’s own collagen while extracts from the Damascena rose stimulates the production of new collagen. Botanical oils give moisture to the skin leaving it soft and smooth.

The two-phase; the rosewater and the oils make making a product without emulsifiers possible. The two-phase also makes ingredients optimally effective.

When shaken and mixed just prior to use, they reach their full vitalizing effect and skin is left with a renewed and healthy glow.

The ROSE BLOSSOM VITAL CARE serum is absorbed quickly without leaving any greasy residue, thus it is perfect as a base for makeup. It is suitable for all ages and types of skin including sensitive. To be used int the AM and PM after cleansing but prior to day and/or night cream.


ORANGE BLOSSOM ENERGIZER is a two phase serum full vitamins and antioxidants to help stimulate cell-regrowth, counteract premature aging of the skin, and to nourish and moisturize. It contains extracts from blood orange and an energizing scent from orange blossoms. It also contains the exact right amount moisture and lipids for skins natural balance and carrot oil for a nice tone. The high level of vitamins C and E protect skin from free radicals. Coldpressed vegetable oils such as jojoba and macadamia nut, lay ontop of the fruit-and flower extracts like a thin quilt that protects the vitamins and helps transport them into skin.

Absorbs quickly without leaving any residue. Skin is left feeling soft and with a renewed glow. Suitable for all ages and types of skin but especially good for dry, gloomy or stressed skin. Can be used in the sun. Apply after cleansing in the AM and/or PM before day or night cream.

As you can see I have already started using the HYALURON-SHAKE. My skin is always dry, but this season is always worse. The HYALURON-SHAKE has moved into my routine both AM and PM and am adding the ROSE BLOSSOM VITAL CARE and ORANGE BLOSSOM ENERGIZER shortly.

There will be more to read about my thoughts on the ”shakes” once I’ve used them for a while, but let me leave you with a ?? so far! Hail to the serums! ?❤️?

av Dominika Newelska

OM MIG Jag är en milkshake av olika nyanser, som enklast kan beskrivas såhär; Jag har blandat ursprung och är född i Polens huvudstad Warszawa men är Kanadensisk medborgare. Jag har bott i både Polen och Kanada som barn och flyttade till Sverige tack vare pappas volleybollspelande. I Sverige spenderade jag halva min barndom och mina tonår i Blekinge varpå jag har en något knasig dialekt. Jag älskar att resa och har varit i bland annat Thailand, Grekland, Spanien, England, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brasilien, Bolivia, Frankrike, Österrike, Tyskland, Polen, Kanada, Schweiz, USA med mera. Jag flyttade till Stockholm som 20-åring för att uppfylla min dröm om att bli makeup artist och har sedan dess hunnit ta C.I.D.E.S.C.O examen i makeup och utbildat mig till auktoriserad hudterapeut. (Arbetar inte aktivt som hudterapeut idag, men brinner lika mycket för hud&hudvård). Jag är även hårstylist samt har jobbat mycket med naglar. Jag har också gjort en avstickare ett år då jag pluggade pedagogik, näringslära och rättskunskap, men insåg att min passion låg i skönhetsbranschen. Sedan dess har jag hunnit jobba för flera olika makeup-och hudvårdsmärken. Jag har jobbat i butik, med utbildning, som frilans både för Mika’s samt haft eget företag, jobbat på TV, som översättare för ett stort märkes egna tidning och senaste fem åren har jag arbetat som utbildare för en av Sveriges största skönhetsleverantörer, Dermarome, där jag varit utbildare för både Decléor, bliss och senaste åren för ett av mina favoritmärken bareMinerals. En roll där jag utbildat såväl blivande hudterapeuter, makeup artister och frisörer till yrkesmässigt aktiva sådana. Allt ifrån ingrediensteknologi till hygien, massagetekniker, produktkunskap, hud & hudlära, appliceringstekniker och makeup. Allt från baskunskaper till brud, fashion och skönhet. Hösten 2015 valde jag att säga upp mig från mitt arbete som utbildare och är sedan årsskiftet i uppstarten av mitt egna företag som frilans. Jag har blandade uppdrag där en stor del består av jobb på SVT och TV4/nyhetskanalen kombinerat med plåtningar, omslag, reportage, bröllop med mera. Jag arbetar även ideellt för organisationen LOOK GOOD FEEL BETTER. Jag är mamma till världens finaste lille kille och förlovad med min drömprins och vi bor alla tillsammans med vår adoptivhund från Irland. Jag kommer skriva om skönhetsrelaterade saker där jag hoppas kunna inspirera och ge tips, blandat med spännande möten och tankar om livet. Kramar D

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