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Amelie Soie, the story

Amelie Soie – Beauty Essentials is developed by authorized skin therapists to simplify your beauty routine so you can become the best version of yourself. Amelie Soie stands for carefully selected materials, high quality and solid knowledge.
After many years as authorized skin therapists, we know how important the daily beauty routines are. A good daily routine is what really makes a difference to your skin. We have therefore developed an exclusive product line that combines the classic salon methods for cleaning, circulation and tightening with innovative home-use tools. For you to get the best skin health possible.
– The inspiration for Amelie Soie comes from my grandfather, grandmother on my mothårs side and my grandmother on my fathers side, says Therése Amelie Wirén Ekehjelm, owner and founder of Amelie Soie, part of Qvi Si – Haute couture de la beauté (Valhallavägen / Stockholm.) QVISI
Therèse’s grandfather was a true entrepreneur. The key words were service and quality. He worked hard, loved his work and never retired. His job satisfaction and commitment in his own company influenced and inspired Therèse.
– Without him I would never have dared to start my own business in the spring of 2007.
Her grandmothers were both feminine and well-groomed. Their beauty routines however, were different.
– Not just the routines themselves, but just as much as they naturally adored their bodies and faces far, far from today’s complex-filled appearance fixation. I had a natural interest already during childhood and had to be involved.
Soie means silk in French and Therése’s grandmothers are the inspiration here too.
– My Grandmother (on my father´s side) went to the USA on one occasion and came home with a pillow-case made of genuine mullberry-silk. She would sleep on it so that her carefully crafted hairstyle would last longer, but also because it improved the appearance of her skin and reduced marks from sleeping on her face. When I was at the age of 20 and was accepted to skin therapist training, I was gifted my grandmother’s silk pillow-case. It was little worn yes, but still soft and lovely to use.
-I used it for almost 15 years, until it completely disintegrated, Therése laughs.
Therése also has fond memories from her grandmother on her mother´s side linked to silk. Her grandmother was a fashion director and artist. She worked with lovely silk fabrics.
– Together with grandmother I got to paint the silk. Grandma sewed, among other things, silk tops. The silk was used both because is was beautiful but also because it was good for sensitive skin, dry skin or if you had eczema.
Amelie Soie combines inspiration and knowledge from an older generation with innovative thinking and insight into what modern women and men need. The products are of high quality with a luxurious feel, deliberately designed to be both be effektive but also too look good in a beautiful bathroom. The products from Amelie Soie facilitate your beauty routines so you can become the best version of yourself.
With two growing collections, basic and premium, we have among the best Beauty Essentials the market has to offer.
xxx / Amelie

The assortment

With care at heart and femininity in mind, Amelie Soie offers a wide range of products such as silk pillowcases, silk scrunchies, silk hairbands, a makeup brush collection, beauty rollers (tools), beauty towels, beauty bandeaus and more.

I am currently using the Diamond beauty roller, a tool used to massage your face and improve circulation, loosen tension and give face an overall relaxed look and feel. The beauty roller minimizes the appearance of fine lines and reduces puffines.
It comes in two sizes, the smaller one more suited for your face and the large one more suited for your body.
The price for the small one that I am using is 895SEK [adlink] wich might sound steep but now that I’ve used it for a while I think it’s worth it. I am the kind of person that is often swollen with puffiness around my eyes, both under and lids. Especially those nights I get up at 2.50 am for early work at television. A couple of minutes of draining massage with the diamond beauty roller helps to minimize puffiness and gives circulation a push.
I also got this gourgeous set of makeup brushes and a handy makeup brush cleaner, small enough to always carry with me in my work-kit.
Amelie Soie also has a range of products made of polyester and a special composition of fibres that allows you to remove your makeup and cleanse your face using only the special cleansing-tools and warm water! There is a large towel (that I am trying out) and a set of two small, round towlettes that are perfect for eyes, in your gymbag or for travelling (these are next on my want-list).

I love tha fact that these beauty tools and extras are created by a professional within skincare and I enjoy them being a part of my skincare routine.

The range of products can be found in their

Författare: Dominika Newelska

OM MIG Jag är en milkshake av olika nyanser, som enklast kan beskrivas såhär; Jag har blandat ursprung och är född i Polens huvudstad Warszawa men är Kanadensisk medborgare. Jag har bott i både Polen och Kanada som barn och flyttade till Sverige tack vare pappas volleybollspelande. I Sverige spenderade jag halva min barndom och mina tonår i Blekinge varpå jag har en något knasig dialekt. Jag älskar att resa och har varit i bland annat Thailand, Grekland, Spanien, England, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brasilien, Bolivia, Frankrike, Österrike, Tyskland, Polen, Kanada, Schweiz, USA med mera. Jag flyttade till Stockholm som 20-åring för att uppfylla min dröm om att bli makeup artist och har sedan dess hunnit ta C.I.D.E.S.C.O examen i makeup och utbildat mig till auktoriserad hudterapeut. (Arbetar inte aktivt som hudterapeut idag, men brinner lika mycket för hud&hudvård). Jag är även hårstylist samt har jobbat mycket med naglar. Jag har också gjort en avstickare ett år då jag pluggade pedagogik, näringslära och rättskunskap, men insåg att min passion låg i skönhetsbranschen. Sedan dess har jag hunnit jobba för flera olika makeup-och hudvårdsmärken. Jag har jobbat i butik, med utbildning, som frilans både för Mika’s samt haft eget företag, jobbat på TV, som översättare för ett stort märkes egna tidning och senaste fem åren har jag arbetat som utbildare för en av Sveriges största skönhetsleverantörer, Dermarome, där jag varit utbildare för både Decléor, bliss och senaste åren för ett av mina favoritmärken bareMinerals. En roll där jag utbildat såväl blivande hudterapeuter, makeup artister och frisörer till yrkesmässigt aktiva sådana. Allt ifrån ingrediensteknologi till hygien, massagetekniker, produktkunskap, hud & hudlära, appliceringstekniker och makeup. Allt från baskunskaper till brud, fashion och skönhet. Hösten 2015 valde jag att säga upp mig från mitt arbete som utbildare och är sedan årsskiftet i uppstarten av mitt egna företag som frilans. Jag har blandade uppdrag där en stor del består av jobb på SVT och TV4/nyhetskanalen kombinerat med plåtningar, omslag, reportage, bröllop med mera. Jag arbetar även ideellt för organisationen LOOK GOOD FEEL BETTER. Jag är mamma till världens finaste lille kille och förlovad med min drömprins och vi bor alla tillsammans med vår adoptivhund från Irland. Jag kommer skriva om skönhetsrelaterade saker där jag hoppas kunna inspirera och ge tips, blandat med spännande möten och tankar om livet. Kramar D


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