Enkla håruppsättningar med sjal? Skönhetsakuten, andra filmen

Som jag berättat om i tidigare inlägg har jag ju ett nytt spännande projekt tillsammans med Expressen hälsoliv, där jag är ”programledare” för tutorials i SKÖNHETSAKUTEN.

Vi har tidigare släppt en film om hur man enkelt täcker mörka ringar (se filmen här ) och nu är den andra klar.

Fyra enkla frisyrer med sjal att göra på sig själv 😍

Följ länken nedan för steg för steg beskrivning


Beauty fair and shopping-spree in Düsseldorf

What a fabulous weekend! Although I am sooooo tired after having to get up for work this morning at 2.45.. and that’s after getting home around ten last night. Took a while to wind down and fall into Zzz.

Cutting to the chase, I spent a fab couple of days with my friend Jennie in Düsseldorf to attend the beauty messe Düsseldorf which is a three day fair only for people in the biz. First off, it was freaking HUGE. Like I think we spent a full day there but still didn’t see everything, huge. Kind of overwhelming and difficult to take it all in. I’m positive I will go back again and that time I will probably spend two days at the fair to give myself the opportunity to absorbe all the information shared better.

There were halls so large one could barely figure out which way one entered. Anything and everything imaginable from makeup, applicators, nailpolish, foot-products, electrical devices for muscle stimulation, for tightening, for brightening, for plumping, toning, slimming, tanning – to scissors, massage-devices, tooth whitening, bags and trollets for pro’s, accessories, hair (as in for extensions), waxing, trimming, IPL, infra-red, glitters, lashes and so much more. I mean, Jeez-Louise, it was freaking GRANDE!

I’m positively surprised by the fair, even if didn’t buy quite as much makeup there as I was hoping. I ended up buying a lot of skincare ampulles, restocking on products for lash-lifting, disposable mascara-wands, disposable lip-applicators, new haircutting-scissors, an additional bag from Züca for my hairstyling tools and all stuff hair. Additional pouches for storing makeup in my kit, colorful scrunchies, hairbands, foot and hand masks, under eye masks and makeup remover wipes for hydration and for glow. Makeup brushes and makeup sponges.

Ok, I see now I did get a lot of stuff after all 😂

Apart from the fair, I have to say I really liked Düsseldorf! Frankly we had no expectations, but it turned out to be such a nice city!

Everything in walking distance, friendly people and a warm atmosphere. Gorgeous walks along the river and good food.

I’m so glad we went, and I’m already looking forward to going again next year!

Do you use a brow-knife?

So you’ve probably seen I write a lot abound Depend? It is a brand I do some work for, but it is first of all a brand I really love. Known to most for their nailpolishes and lashes, but did you know they also carry a wide range of products for brows? From tweezers, to brow-scissors, different pencils and a pomada (in 6 shades) and my ”can’t live without” brow-knife.

I use this personally and I have one in my kit. For easy clean up on brows, uni-brow, upper lip or even to quickly trim a hair-line or beard-line. On toes if needed i.e. on a photoshoot with bare feet and fingers if shooting close-ups etc.

The browknife comes in a pack of 3, and retails for about 70SEK. Read more about the range and shop the products here [adlink]

Two days of work with my favorite team

If you followed me on my old blog (it’s deleted now as I wanted a fully fresh start here) you might have seen I work together with DEPEND and style hair on their photoshoots. I did my first job for them in November 2017, and since then, I am so honored to be a part of this incredible team. The team in its whole, with PR-manager Beatrice Gull in the lead of everything, is one of the best teams I have ever worked with and for. I LOVE working with them, and especially since I love their products so much!

The lashes from DEPEND are my favorite lashes. It’s the only brand of lashes I use actually. They come in so many variations, they are easy to apply and the little tube of glue that is included in each pack of lashes can be used several times as the little top can be put back on.

The ”strip” you glue the lashes on with, is soft and easy to work with. They stay in place and they can be used up to ten times. That’s crazy good value as well, considering the price of around 69SEK per set of lashes.

Below are a couple of behind the scenes photos from our two-day session we just did, and I look forward to seeing the end result later on. All makeup is by Linda Fernström, and hair by me.

Which is your favorite?

the BUDGIE collective

”Budgie is a collective for hair, style and individuality. We care for brunette, blonde, curly, straight, short, long, dry, dull and frizzy hair and are excited to create innovative, smart and fun things together with you. Come join our hairstyling universe and let´s make budgies!”

Why Budgie?

Budgies come in so many alterations. They come in yellow, blue, white, green, small, big, long feathered and short feathered. Just like us. We come yellow, we come glowing, we come happy, we come smart, we come individual.

Also, budgies come in pairs and love to socialize and interact, just like humans. That is why we think of them as the ideal representation of the community we want to create.

Why yellow?

We chose the most alluring color! Yellow is a symbol of happiness, energy, freshness and inclusiveness. On top, it is the new millennial pink and main color of our budgies!

By connecting and staying in touch with consumers a.k.a budgies the brand shares ideas, information, inspiration and in return gets crucial feedback to keep improving and evolving the assortment and the brand.

The products

Budgie presents hairstyling and hair care products to cater your daily hair routine with caring, cleansing and styling essentials featuring natural oils and sulphate-free shampoos. The products are scented with green, fruity notes blended by a fragrance house in Grasse, France. The products are vegan and made in Sweden.

More about the products I will be trying

the power volume dry shampoo for hair high on life – a dry shampoo that also boosts volume and texture, is resfreshing and oil absorbent

the all-inclusive finishing spray for usual business – a finishing hairspray that amps up the shine and gives weightless hold and frizz-control

the dry shampoo foam for a bouncy restart – a dry shampoo foam for soft volume and body, with a refreshing unique formula

the sea salt mist for breezy beach waves – a saltwater spray with texturizing atlantic sea salt for a tousled and wavy finish

a sparkling shimmer mist for dazzling nights – a shimmer mist with nourishing rice oil that gives hair an ice crystal shimmer

The above products are just a few of the full assortment. The budgie collective also has shampoos, conditioners, curl cream, wax and much much more.

The budgie collective is exclusively sold at KICKS and will be available in every store starting tomorrow 😍

Tutorial, 40’s inspired hair

(This post contains adlinks)

So a couple of weeks ago I did a fun job together with a branch of Expressen (swedish media) called hälsoliv (lifestyle, beauty, trends, tips and much more)

And just now, the first tutorial went live 😍

(Before&after below)

Excited to hear what you think so feel free to comment😊

To create this look I used the following tools & products;

Tool from Ghd

Heat protection from BjörnAxen

Structure spray/teasing spray BjörnAxen

Lock/hold spray Redken

Here is the tutorial;


High hair with Idun minerals

IDUN minerals might be known to most for their good for your skin mineral-makeup, and perhaps you’ve seen that they also launched their own skincare-line a year or two ago?

Their skincare has also been updated with more products but I will write more about them in a separate post.

Today I want to focus on the next big launch from IDUN minerals, HAIRCARE! Yup, you read me right!

There’s this saying that ”lots wants more”, and many brands ride the wave of popularity if they’re great in one area. It’s not always a success going into two areas, and even more difficult to master three. But IDUN, they’ve DONE IT!

So for a couple of weeks I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner from the volume&care line, and this is how the products are described on their web-page.

Volume & Care Shampoo

IDUN Minerals Volume & Care Shampoo is a volume shampoo for fine thin hair that softens and moisturizes without weighing it down. A volume shampoo that contains vitamins and minerals which add richness, shine and new vitality while strengthening the hair structure. The shampoo provides a gentle hair and scalp cleansing with a creamy and rich foam and is mildly perfumed with hypoallergenic perfume, with scent of sea and summer breeze.

Key ingredients:

  • Gentle cleansing and caring surfactants
  • Moisturizing and caring malic acid, a component naturally found in apples
  • Apple stem cell extracts, rich in minerals and life-giving substances, prevent hair follicle aging and gives vitality
  • Hydrolyzed Pea Protein, a vegan alternative to animal proteins, contains essential amino acids that bind into the hair and provide volume and moisture for softer and manageable hair.
  • Provitamin B5 (panthenol), protects and strengthens hair and improves shine
  • Hypoallergenic fragrance, suitable for sensitive skins


  • 100% vegan
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Hypoallergenic fragrance, suitable for sensitive skin
  • Unisex
  • Developed for extra fine hair

250 ml

Volume & Care Conditioner

IDUN Minerals Volume & Care Conditioner is a detangling conditioner for fine thin hair that softens and moisturizes without weighing it down.

A volume conditioner that gives the hair volume and makes it soft, smooth and shiny. The conditioner is enriched with vitamins and minerals that protect and strengthen and provide vitality to the hair. Volume & Care Conditioner is mildly perfumed with hypoallergenic perfume, with a scent of sea and summer breeze.

Key ingredients

  • Moisturizing and caring malic acid, a component naturally found in apples
  • Apple stem cell extracts, rich in minerals and life-giving substances, prevent hair follicle aging and gives vitality
  • Hydrolyzed Pea Protein, a vegan alternative to animal proteins, contains essential amino acids that bind into the hair and provide volume and moisture for softer and manageable hair.
  • Provitamin B5 (panthenol) and Vitamin E protect and strengthen hair and improves shine


  • 100% vegan
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Hypoallergenic fragrance, suitable for sensitive skin
  • Unisex
  • Developed for extra fine hair

250 ml

How good or bad a schampoo and conditioner works for your hair is, of course, very individual depending on what kind of hair one has and what shape it’s in. But for MY hair (lots of it but they’re thin and tangle and break easy) IDUN minerals volume & care shampoo and conditioner is among the best shampoo and conditioner I’ve used on my hair. It keeps my hair in place and gives it body without weighing it down.

So will I buy it again? Yes

Do I recommend it? Yes

Apart from the volume&care range there are also other haircare-products so head on over to IDUN if you want to learn more.

Work work

Längesedan jag var så peppad på en måndag med jobb som jag var igår! Som ni vet jobbar jag en hel del med Depend som jag älskar (produkter och team, bästa kombon) och senast i fredags hade vi en kul dag med plåtning tillsammans med Ellinor Bjurström. (Läs om det här)

I dagarna två har det återigen varit jobb med Depend på schemat, i hela två dagar inklusive övernattning! Yup, för vi har nämligen varit på STEAM hotel i Västerås och plåtat med Alexandra Nilsson aka Kissie

Galet kul måndag eftermiddag med 3 looker och sedan middag på 18e våningen. 6 rätter följt av matkoma så jag och min rumskompis aka bästa Linda Fernström gick till rummet och la oss vid 22 redan, medan de andra gick upp till spa’t.

Imorse möttes vi till frukost följt av en sista look. De helt färdiga resultaten kommer längre fram, men som vanligt bjuder jag på en liten sneak peek 😜

It’s been a while since I was so stoked about work on a Monday as I was yesterday. As you might know by now, I work a whole lot with Depend that I love (products and team, best combination) and we did a shoot this past Friday with former Top Model attendee Ellinor Bjurström. (Read about that here)

Yesterday and today it was time for another shoot with Depend, two whole days including a sleepover at STEAM hotel in Västerås shooting with Alexandra Nilsson a.k.a Kissie

Crazy fun Monday afternoon with 3 looks followed by late dinner on the 18th floor. 6 courses followed by food-coma so me and my roomie a.k.a Linda Fernström went back to our room to hit the sack at 10pm while the rest of the team went up to the spa.

This morning we met up for breakfast followed by a last look. The finished results from the shoot will be ready later on, but as usual I will share a little sneak peek 😜

Tack bästa teamet och Alexandra för två roliga dagar tillsammans ❤️

Thank you to the best team and Alexandra for two fun days together ❤️

Jobb med Depend

Igår var så himla kul 😍

I ett (fortfarande lite hemligt till vad) samarbete mellan Depend och före detta Top Model deltagaren Ellinor Bjurström gjorde vi igår en jättefin plåtning i studio.

Hela bästa Dependteamet var på plats och som vanligt gjorde Linda Fernström makeup och jag hår. Så himla skönt att ibland bara ha ett fokusområde och jag och Linda jobbar så himla bra ihop 💕 kanske för att vi båda är lite små-galna? 🤪 (den här emojin är min nya favorit)

Hursomhelst, så kan jag inte avslöja än vad plåtningen var för eller när det kommer synas men jag kan däremot bjuda på en behind the scenes bild😊

Nu tar jag helg efter en lång vecka och ladda batterierna till kommande vecka full med roliga uppdrag 😘

Whoop whoop, new in or coming up!

Eftersom jag är lite på stående fot och på språng så blir detta inlägg främst bilder, från startskottet på höstens upplaga av pressveckan.

Jag spenderade några mysiga timmar hos PRESSKONTAKTERNA i förmiddags för att klämma och känna på nyheter.

Since I’m in a bit of a rush and kind of on my way, this post will be mostly pictures. I spent a couple of hours at PRESSKONTAKTERNA looking at all the new products.

Och här är alla härligheter jag fick med mig hem för att prova 😍 😊

And all the goodies I got to take home to try out!